Born out of the loss of my own Black Dragon Cyd, Black Dragon Bracelets was created to keep her legacy alive and turn a tragedy into a beautiful gift to share with my equestrian community.

Black Dragon Custom Horsehair Bracelets was born out of the tragedy of losing my own black dragon, Cyd, in a freak accident in April of 2020. Two days after her sudden and unexpected loss I found myself needing a way to have her with me every day. So I made myself a bracelet with her tail using some old leather and things that I had lying around the house.

In doing so I discovered a talent I didn’t know I had, and the beautiful bracelet that came out of it felt like a gift from Cyd.

I decided to put this gift to good use and began channeling my grief into making bracelets for close friends who had lost their horses as well. I very quickly began receiving requests for bracelets remembering horses who had passed and celebrating horses still with us. Eventually, I decided to turn it into a full-on business which became Black Dragon Bracelets.

Each custom keepsake is made with the same love and care that I put into making my own.

And each one signifies the beautiful, unique, and sometimes heartbreaking bond that we share with our equine partners. Thank you for letting me share this gift from Cyd with you and your horses.

I’m Jillian, a wanna-be eventer and natural horsemanship practitioner originally from Iowa, now based in Los Angeles.  When I’m not riding horses I work as a composer in the film industry. Whether I’m wearing my horseman hat or my musician hat, I’m a passionate creator who loves connecting with people.

My partner and best friend since 2008 is Zara, a Clydesdale x Thoroughbred mare. We love jumping, dressage, trail riding, and liberty and bridleless play! 🙂

Jillian and her horse Zara

A portion of every Black Dragon item sold is donated to VIVA Global Rescue – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit LGBTQ woman-owned organization located in Southern California that provides professional rescue, rehabilitation, and sanctuary to horses and animals in need.

Viva Global Rescue